Get to know the Differences of Meme, Rage Face, and Rage Comic

Today I am going to tell you what the differences among meme, rage face, and rage comic. Why did I tell these to you? Because there are so many people who still can’t differentiate among those terms.
Meme and Image Macro

A meme is not just a comic. it starts from a fan page meme who mentions themselves is meme comic. Even though the meme can be of any kind, the comics in the meme are usually called rage comic and in general meme is an image macro, which is a picture that is given a caption that takes from the quote of a famous character from a film, to get the feeling of the user, and the viewers who read it will read the message exactly to the tone of the original character but with different sentences. Can you see? the jokes are here.

Not only from movies, but also from many factors that make an image become image macro within the scope of the Internet meme.
For example, BRACE YOURSELF, this is taken from the Ned Stark of the game of thrones movie, which will lead the head of the deserter who saw the white walkers, in this episode, Lord Ned often said BRACE YOURSELF or WINTER IS COMING.

But if we deviate it like this:
There are so many internet memes, there are many videos and gifs that can be a meme but within the scope of the internet meme that has been fitted, I think it is more reasonable if we don’t mention them all is the meme because there will be global confusion which one makes meme think? What meme is? because the meme is a lot!

Even though Rage Faces is part of the meme, and it is a special intermediary. But we better call it Rage Faces. Let’s look at the very contrasting differences here so that you are clear.

A comic that uses Rage Faces is called Rage Comic. And this is what is called Image Macro and is most often called Meme.
So even though the meme might be in the form of a comic, let’s call them to rage comic, and the characters in rage comic, let’s call it rage faces, and if we see pictures illustrated let’s call image macro or more people know them with memes.
Thank you for reading this article. I hope you like it!

Software OTO Upsell

Technology has been growing rapidly these past years, and it is definitely not something inevitable. We, as human beings must be adapted to it in order to survive. Thanks to technology, now we can earn a lot of money just by maximizing the utility of the internet itself. Now we know the advancement of technology to make our life easier. We can sell our product, service, anything we can do on the internet without meeting the buyer in person that we used to call e-commerce. Before e-commerce is such hype, you must be familiar with a marketing strategy that we used to call OTO or One Time Offer. OTO is when you get your mail order, and the seller tries to offer you another item that goes along with it. It is also known as OTO upsell. A marketing tool that you use in this digital era must be improving especially when it comes to a one-time offer. There is software to upsell that you can use in your digital marketing. Thus, we provide you an overview to understand all the features in software to upsell.

  1. The Headline
    When you have to convey your potential buyer, do not ever use a video in your headline. Make something appealing so that the visitor will be attracted to your product. Most importantly do research about the software OTO upsell that you used so you can customize it based on your likings.
  2. Copywriting in OTO Upsell
    In this digital era, the most significant way to promote your product is by using a good copywriting. Make sure you write it concise and clear about the product you want to promote. It simply because the long article makes the potential customer will go away.
  3. The Button for OTO Upsell
    Make sure your software to upsell not only provide a one-time offer button. It is because most of the sales page only provide to upsell button, and sometimes the page cannot reload the first item that customers want, so the customers have to purchase it.

There are lots of software that can be used to maximizing your business site. You can start it by using WordPress because this software has a bunch of plug-ins and features that can be optimizing your software to upsell. The overview above is just a little help for us that you can use to determine what kind of software to upsell that you have to use.