Bromo midnight tour package

Why should you choose a vacation to Bromo? Indonesia does have many choices of tourist attractions that can be visited. Mount Bromo, East Java is one of Malang’s tourist destinations which is a pity to miss for the best nature tourism enthusiasts in Indonesia, moreover, if you have chosen Malang for your next vacation destination, Holidays in Malang will be felt less if you haven’t been to Bromo. Because Bromo itself has a variety of unique spots and very beautiful scenery to decorate social media accounts such as the beauty of Sunrise that can be seen from the top of the hill climbing. The experience at Bromo is also no less exciting, namely towards the top of Mount Bromo by using a horse and jeep so that the thick aura of adventure will be felt, along the beautiful desert with the hills rolling which will be very dear if missed. What are you trying to do on Mount Bromo? all you can get and feel in the Bromo Midnight Tour Package when traveling to Bromo.

Are you ready for Bromo? The Bromo Tourism Package is now very complete because you can get all the information about the Bromo tour package from the price of the Bromo Midnight tour package, the Bromo tour package trip, the price of Bromo entrance ticket, transportation and the jeep rental price used to Bromo, as well as many complete facilities tour providers in Bromo will make your bromo tour trip more secure and safe while on vacation to Bromo. The Bromo Midnight Tour Package is perfect for those of you who have a short vacation time, because the midnight Bromo tour package does not take a long time, with only a short time of one day you can enjoy all the beauty of the attractions around Mount Bromo starting from Sunrise, Bromo Crater, Padang Savana (Teletubbies Hill), and Whispering Sand which are included in the Bromo tour package. Bromo Midnight Tourism Package Destinations include Puncak penanjakan (Bukit Cinta), Bromo Crater, Bukit Pasir berbisik, Teletubbies Hill / Padang Savana.

Price of Bromo tour midnight package tour:

For 50 pax is Rp.300.000/pax
For 30 pax is Rp.315.000/pax
For 15 pax is Rp. 325.000/pax
For 10 pax is Rp. 350.000/pax
For 5 pax is Rp. 350.000/pax
For 4 pax is Rp. 475.000/pax
For 3 pax is Rp. 575.000/pax
For 2 pax is Rp. 775.000/pax

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