Mount Bromo Tour Package One Night

Mount Bromo Tour Package one night is a special short holiday package just to watch the sunrise. The Mount Bromo Tour Package, which is only 12 hours away, does not reduce you to visit some favorite places in the tourist area of ?? Mount Bromo. Tengger Semeru National Park Tourism has 4 favorite locations. And usually, in Mount Bromo Tour package, this one night can visit all of four places simultaneously.

Mount Bromo Tour Package one night includes a cheap package and is usually used by students groups of students on vacation in their spare time but limited. No need for homestay recommendations, heavy meal packages or snacks and other additional packages. On Mount Bromo Tour Package one night is the main thing to enjoy the sunrise at Bromo and to get the beauty of the milky way.

For details, Mount Bromo Tour Package one night includes:

  1. Pickup is usually only available from Surabaya and Malang.
  2. Tourists must be ready at the meeting point that is determined at 11 p.m.
  3. During each trip to the destination using a jeep car.
  4. Travel will be immediate when all has arrived. It is expected to make maximum use of time, tourists will not arrive late. Because each other will wait for each other to go together to each place.
  5. The journey from the gathering point to the location takes 3 hours.
  6. Arriving at the first location, which is usually to the top of Pananjakan 1 to enjoy the milky way.
  7. Then the Milky Way has run out, tourists will enjoy the sunrise.
  8. After from Pananjakan 1, head to the mountain crater tengger by passing a vast expanse of desert.
  9. Arriving in the sea of ?? sand, the jeep will stop at the parking area lot and tourists will be allowed to enjoy the sand directly on foot or by riding a horse.
  10. I have reached the crater of Mount Bromo and enjoy the view from the top of the crater. Mount Bromo Tour Package one night goes straight to savanna grassland, Teletubbies hill, and finally to whispering sand.
  11. After going to these four places, Mount Bromo Tour Package one night is finish and will take you back to the initial pick up point.

That’s more or less the details of Mount Bromo Tour Package one night. But there are several other one night Mount Bromo Tour Packages that offer with other places and vary in price with the type of offer.

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